Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Prearranged Love a Light hearted love story...

Vishnampet, Anusha
Jaico Publishing House,

My Ratings: 6 out of 10 star

Plot of the book (5 out of 10 star):
A simple universal concept, 'Spend good time with someone and you will be habitual of him/her' is also followed in this love story. The difference is the situation in which the girl meets the boy  and then everything else are like a usual love story: witty comments, like, dislike, ego-hurt, jealousy....
But the content is presented in a beautiful way . Although because of my busy schedule i took time to complete the whole book but till yet i enjoyed it.
Climax as usual as per expectation is happy ending and why any author will take chance sad love story? ( After all girls are going to read love stories more than boys and they always like happy ending love stories !)
And yes the cover page says different love story but i found nothing different.
But overall plot of the book 5 out of 10 star from my side.

Presentation/ writing style (7.5 out of 10 star):
Feelings of characters, their interaction and consequences are written like a natural story. The girl character is the centre of the story and the author has read her mind well. No sudden twists, but light intimating incidences made the story more exciting, erotic and enjoyable.
As i believe presentation and description are as important as plot; here the author wins the battle and presentation wins the heart. Not over not under but has kept as reader will like...

Characters (5.5 out of 10):
I don't think the author had to do hard work for characters because the characters are just picked from society and put in the story. The author had done nothing but just described the characters as they are seen society.
In other words nothing new in characters they are common boy, common girl, common mummy, common friend; you can see everywhere around you; nothing different.
The only thing i not liked is that the author tried to justify the thinking of a girl in this book (And I found it as bias, she might have described positive aspect of the male character) and that spoils the image of male character..and indirectly it also affects the girl's image also.

Why should read this book:
Light hearted love story, mind refreshing and simply written and justifies the title.. Prearranged love

Why should not:
Another love story has been told thousands of time with different writing style without twists or anything exciting.

Who should read: 
every lover specifically girls and boys who are dating on recommendation of their parents. (Specifically any girl dreaming for tall and handsome boy for marriage will like this book..)

Who should not read:
Obviously you will not find any type of action, adventure and thrilling consequences in this book because here is Romance, Love and intimations; so adventure loving boys should avoid this book

Am i going to read this book?
I have already read and that is why i am writing the review dudes. But i will read it again if i am going to date a girl for marriage. (I am lucky bachelor guy like a male character in the book before he meets the girl in the story...)

And finally if you are going to date girl for marriage then read this book; if you are going to date boy for marriage then read this book. If you are already in love then do not read this book because there are lots of good love stories than this one..
And yes if you want to marry your loved one and can not decide how to approach her, then read this book because the best part in the book i liked most is the way how the male character proposed girl for marriage.