Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Love Stories...

'Love Stories' pre-release book offers

'Just superb....': Dr. Ankur Zalavadia (Amazon Review)
Not only love stories.....: Indie review editor...

Published by : Educreation
Author: Dr. Pradip Chauhan
Number of pages: 106
Genre: Fiction/ romance/Anthologies
Publication date: 1st March, 2016

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This is the collection of some short love stories that never ended in marriage. Stories are not only love stories but also packaged with suspense, twists and unusual climaxes.
Ponytail is a story of moneymaker businessman; doing very well in business and falls in love with one of his employees, another girl enters between their relationship…
Chocolate: is a story of a hard working student who is the only child of a widow who falls in love with his school friend.
Secret Love: is a story of a young working girl who falls in love with a handsome young physician.
First Crush: is a story of a boy who had a crush on his doctor.