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Give-away of 'On The earth: In light of the sun'

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On the earth by Prajwalit

On the earth

by Prajwalit

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Giveaway of my own book: On the earth: in light of the sun

 Book Title: On the earth: In Light of the sun
Type : Fiction/ Romance/ Suspense
Published By Creatspace on 5th November, 2015
Link for kindle edition:
To be published by Educreation ( Indian Print edition) in February. 2016.

Plot of the story:
A story of supernatural power (Described as Son of god), who is sent on the earth by god to find some valuable thing and save it. Because the god had decided to start the life cycle of the earth again he was to demolish the world; but before demolishing the world he made his son to enter in the body of a young boy Prabuddh to find the most precious thing on the earth. 

Now the supernatural who was locked in the body of Prabuddh (An engineering student) had forgotten his all powers and started to live like a normal human. He was attracted to a girl (Adhya) but it was one sided; so lost hope for his feelings; but kept enjoying his life with his friends. 

Once when he was celebrating his success with his drunk friends he lost his crush (Adhya)because of his own cowardice.

But still he continued his journey and found new place, new friends, again fell in love, interacted with orphan children and so more incidences of life a normal human would have.... The difference was only that he had to face many mysterious circumstances a normal human would have not, and ultimately found himself in a mystery which was very important for the task he was sent for....