Monday, October 2, 2017

To kill a mocking bird by harper lee

An amazing book written in 20th century in British English, is gripping humorous masterpiece.
Harper lee has written book in first person from the point of view of a nine years old girl. The innocent girl is brought up in free environment by a lawyer Atticus- the man of values. She spends her childhood with her elder brother Jem and boyfriend Dill. Tales of ghostly house excites children. All her life is passed among luxurious and careful environment but she has to face reality when her father decides to fight for a nigger.
Language is quite difficult because of its rural ancient British touch, plot is quite normal but the idea the author has put before the society is till worthy even after six decades.
Incidences described in the book reveals the characters Normally seen in society. The book is full of punches and humorous sentenced.
My rating is 9 out 10 stars.
Must read book.....whatever genre you like to read you will love to read this book.