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Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit

Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit

'Romance, love and romance...'

Book Blurb
Third of the wrong write trilogy of Varsha Dixit.
Gayatri a rich youngster hunting for job to earn self-respect. Viraj an intelligent, arrogant scientist hire her as an operational manager and then happens love as usual...

About the author

Varsha Dixit is the author of the bestselling novels, Right Fit Wrong Shoe (2009), Xcess Baggage (2010), Wrong Means Right End (2012) and Only Wheat Not White (2014). She worked in the Indian television industry before moving to the US with her family. 
Varsha actively interacts with readers through her website and Facebook author page. Her Twitter handle is @Varsha20.

Review (3.5 out of 5 stars)

'Romance, love and romance...'

Cover page: 

Cover page is attractive displaying two protagonists of the novel.

Plot of the story:

As this is romantic novel, it does not disappoint the reader, the author must have planned well to make them meet and fall in love of each- other. The meetings started with disaster but, sympathy and then affection progressed in love. A logic why a break-up between the Protagonist is well expressed .
But there is more in the plot also...


Characters are well developed . Each and every character is provided enough footage. But the most interesting character is the Viraj and Gayatri; the way both fight with their own demons is fabulous and heart- touching.

Writing style:

Fluent, easy, humorous and light writing has saved the average story of the book.


I am little bit disappointed for the way Varsha dixit has stretched the climax with unnecessary events; may be there any connection with her next novel. But it seems the author has put the stuff just to increase the length of the novel.
But still the climax is happy ending as Indian female readers prefers...

Overall worth to read once...

Who should read?
Romance lover

Who should not? 
Any one who hunt something different than love story

(Book was provided by Publisher and Book club for unbiased honest review)

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